About Us


Coming together of entrepreneurs, educators, doctors, child psychologists, product designers, UI designers, supply chain pros’ and engineers – that’s what took to create Bablr and our company.  We are an education technology startup busy inventing the future of education. We are headquartered in London, UK. 

We pilot launched Bablr Early Learning in India in 2020 and have achieved great results with the support of some very aware and committed parents. Encouraged by this positive impact, we have made Bablr Digital Platform available to new parents, worldwide in 2022. It is a great feeling that millions of parents will now be able to take advantage of this very powerful innovation.  

We are also working hard to make Bablr Material Boxes available in more countries. These boxes make a great add-on to the already effective Bablr Digital Platform and Programme.     

Bablr Early Learning is distributed worldwide by Bablr Ltd. UK. In India, it is distributed by Neosap India Private Limited.

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Our Purpose

Babies of today are likely to grow up in a world with unique challenges such as climate change, food shortages, risky technologies like artificial intelligence and so on.

We would like to see our solutions help develop their brain capacities (IQ + EQ + Future skills) to make our children not only relevant to the future but also more capable than us to solve future problems.

We owe it to them and to our society.


Leadership Team

Manish Jar​

Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur, engineer and a Rumi fan. Manish is interested in some of the deeper questions about life, universe and our future.

Aziz Khatri

Cofounder & Country Head India

Entrepreneur, learning expert and father of two little ones. Aziz has been working in Learning & Development for over a decade.

Vidyut Joshi

VP Content & Research

Proud mother of a super bright teenager, ex-coder and a current geek. Vidyut is interested in the future of education.

Sachin Parekh

VP Operations, India

Healthcare marketing and sales guy. An education enthusiast, Sachin has been a visiting faculty with leading management institutions.

Our Story

Back in 2018, our founder, Manish had sold his last company and was looking to do something new. He tells us, he wasn’t sure of the product or the industry but he was certain that he wanted to do something that had the potential to create large scale positive change in the society. He wanted his new venture to go beyond profits and valuations. His desire must have been strong because soon enough, the universe conspired. He had a chance encounter with Vidyut who had very successfully used early development methods to raise a very smart child. It didn’t take them long to come to an agreement that early-years-development is a massive opportunity that most parents today don’t benefit from and if we can solve this problem, the outcomes can be revolutionary for our children and for the world. And they decided to work on it. Their vision was to create something that parents could use to effortlessly deploy scientific and proven early development support methods with their little ones at home.

Then began an intense process in which they collaborated with number of experts around the world to research, to learn and to create Bablr. Along came our other founding team members Atul, Sachin, Soniya, Abhinav, Rajiv and Aziz one by one. The proposition was compelling and most committed at once. While developing Bablr, we also partnered with a cohort of parents to bring our design as close as possible to the real life set up of new parents. We took two years to develop our first version and test launched it in India in 2020. Rest is history in the making. 

We are excited that so many parents are seeing value in what we have created and are able to achieve very meaningful outcomes with their little ones. This is just the beginning. We are committed to keep growing the Bablr platform to touch lives around the world. We believe that every child is born with immense potential and that with the right guidance and support, every parent can unlock this potential. We wish to democratise this science. Our biggest strength is our awesome teams in UK and India and also the expert partners around the world who continue to make their huge contribution our product, content, technology, design and everything else that Bablr encapsulates. 

Bablr is just our first step. We aspire to be catalysts in defining the future of education which will be super exciting, we are sure.

If you are as excited as we are about this promise, do talk to us. You can get in touch with us through our social media channels, or simply call us.